AC Repair

AC Repair

AC repair

Stay Cool & Comfortable When You Need It Most

If you’ve ever experienced AC issues in your car or truck, you know how uncomfortable driving can be, especially in the midst of summer. If you turn your AC all the way up and it still isn’t offering relief from the heat, there is a reason.  It could be leaking refrigerant, a blocked or broken condenser, an electrical problem, the compressor, or more.

At Fitz'z Service, we provide quality, reliable service without the added fees that you would be charged at a dealership. 

Don’t settle for driving with the windows down, sweating from the humidity and sun. At Fitz’z Service, we can diagnose and fix virtually any issue your car's AC system has to get you back to traveling in comfort again.

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Fitz’z Service is one of the few locations in St. Louis to offer AC evacuation and recharge services for vehicles that have the R1234YF and R134A systems.

What does this mean? It means that our new AC machinery can provide AC services on both older and newer models. Those services include:

Pickup and delivery service is available for our commercial customers, and in most cases we offer a 24 hour turn-around!  Contact our team today to schedule an appointment.


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